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Intensive one day workshop with Juli Gabor (HU/AT)

“We have two legs on the ground, two arms in the air. Our body bridges earth with sky.

During the day we walk, while dreaming we fly. Contact Improvisation is a wonderful dance form, through physical contact we can experience such qualities that can enchant our movement experiences, like flying for example!
In this workshop, you will experience what flowing into flying means – giving first our support to the earth and effortlessly leave it – how does that feel, how your body can be light and what are the qualities needed inside the variety of ways to approach it.”

Gregory Chevalier

Flying in(to) CI through the Ilan Lev Method

with Juli Gabor


To create flow and relaxation in our bodies, we will start with bodywork based on the Ilan Lev Method (ILM). ILM works with very similar principals we use in CI, like playing with gravity, leaning, as well it gives a lot of ease of movement through creating waves in the body. After the bodywork, we will explore the ILM quality in solo movement, as well we will bring this into our dance in contact in different duet and group constellations and flying situations, exploring pathways into lifts too. Towards the end, there will be time to experience the qualities and pathways in dancing, integrating elements of the workshop, closing with reflections and harvest.

Juli Gabor (HU/AT) is a holistic movement educator and bodyworker. Juli is a Bachelor in Danish Psychomotor Therapy/Relaxation Pedagogy, as well an Ilan Lev Method practitioner. Juli is active in the CI scene in Vienna, teaches in yearly groups alongside Matan Levkowich in the Movement Lab in Vienna, curating the Stuwer jam, hosting the Wuk Jam, organizing various CI events. She has over 20 years of experience in CI and other dance forms, teaching, performing internationally. The most important keywords for Juli are EASE, JOY & PLAYFULNESS – she seeks to practice these qualities in all aspects of her life as well in her teachings and bodywork sessions.


Panta Chorei, Güntherstraße 1, 4040 Linz


Social discounts are possible.

* the course will be held in english and translated to german if needed

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